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Posted by Simon on 11th September 2018
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We’re investing for our landlords

We have been in the lettings business for many years and over that time we have discovered that the most important thing for most of our landlords is being paid on time.

We spent some time earlier this year investigating better systems than what we were previously using and discovered that PayProp was by far the best system out there.

We had a demo and then got the quote through, which seemed quite a lot but then we realised that not investing in this technology would only hold us back in growing.

After a few months preparation work we went live on April 6th 2018 ready for the new tax year and having used it now for approaching 6 months we are really pleased that we made the switch and we’re pretty sure our landlords and tenants prefer it too

It now only takes us a minute to process a rent payment which means our landlords get it in their bank account much faster.

So if you have a property in Torbay that is being managed by a letting agent who doesn’t seem that quick at paying the rent over to you and doesn’t send you a remittance advice and monthly statement, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to tell you how PayProp helps us to do our job better and to pay our landlords quicker.